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Hi! My name is Michael Ayers and I truly enjoy my life. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was in the navy for 6 years and I served faithfully doing my duty. I did 3 tours overseas that allowed me to see some of the world. I was truly thinking that maybe I could continue in the military for the long hall, which would allow me to retire in 20 years. I already did 6 years so there was only 14 more years left and I figured my wife and I

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Just Move.

Your Life Depends On It!

This Book will help you understand who you really are in Christ. It will help you take your rightful place in this world as a child of the God. Declare in your life that you will dream big and set your goals high, constantly develop yourself. God really does want you to use everything he has given you, to benefit those around you and yourself. Reading this Book will allow you to Just Move.

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Basis For Success.

The Entrepreneurs Website. 

Basis For Success is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and teaching Christian Entrepreneurs to create their own businesses. Basis For Success mostly operates online and contains training materials and motivational videos that will encourage and fire up those on their entrepreneur journey. This is Michael’s true passion!

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MDA Webdesigns

Building Amazing Websites

MDA Webdesigns helps small businesses by creating great websites for them at an affordable price. Having a presence online is key to ensure your business’s success. Having a website is not only for businesses, Michael with MDA Webdesigns also helps individuals establish an online presence to better promote themselves and what they have to offer. This was Michael’s introduction to the becoming a  entrepreneur.

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