Do Christians truly know the power they have? 

Do they genuinely believe they are children of God?

No, I am not talking about power where we have to beg God to help us in our lives but actual authority from God that changes our situation now.

Most Christians go to church their whole lives and still struggle with the same problems they had when they first started following Jesus. They struggle with financial issues, health problems, and emotional issues on a daily. 

Why is this? 

Why are Christians constantly worrying if God is so powerful and has forgiven us of all our sins? 

Why are we still in just as much turmoil as people who are not saved?

Why are we dealing with so much depression in our churches?

Let’s be honest: many non-Christians or part-time Christians seem to be living their best lives now. While we are stuck trying to work out our faith.

See, the problem is we have fallen into two categories as Christians. 

  1. We either are hanging on every word of our preacher and his anointing for our lives. 
  2. We have stopped the church politics and tried to find our way solo through other teachings.

The first way makes us dependent not on God but the God we see in our leaders. This hurts us when they let us down, forgetting they fall sometimes. This also handicaps us from finding the power we have in ourselves. Let’s be honest how many sermons does it take for you to graduate. Some of us should have our Ph.D. in how many lectures we have listened to but still see slow progress in our change.

The second way is we leave behind the great community of believers and try to go at it alone. Not knowing how important we need a community to sharpen us, help guide and give counsel at times. This causes us to resent our family the church. It also opens the door to the enemy.

So what must we do, you ask?

As believers, we need to understand that both of these can hurt us, and we still need them both, but there is a solution. 

A new way to help empower the church and people around us is by learning how to empower ourselves through the Christian transformation process. 

This process allows us to identify with Jesus and our Father God by focusing on three areas: 

The psychology of you 

The science of the world

The truth of God’s Word

When we focus on these three areas, we tap into our Mind, Body, and Spirit. When applying it through a process called Christian Creation, we immediately transform our identity into who God created us to be, sons and daughters of God. We also begin to see an immediate change in our lives and perspectives of this world.

By Michael Ayers, Founder of Your Different

By Michael Ayers, Founder of Your Different